Termite Inspection and Treatment in Greater Phoenix

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Termite Inspection and Control in Greater Phoenix

Termite issues are not something you want to sleep on. When you think your home may have a termite issue, you need to contact Dynamic Pest Control immediately. Our team is the #1 termite inspection and control company in the region. With extensive knowledge on termites, termite damage, and the process of getting termites removed from your property, we guarantee you won’t find a more qualified team to get the job done quickly and right the first time. Our technicians work diligently to ensure your home is cared for quickly and the termite issue is resolved so that further damage from the critters does not occur. Say goodbye to termites and hello to Dynamic Pest Control.

The Termite Family:


Whether you know you have termites or you are just being cautious, it is important to be able to identify termites and know how to prevent them.

What to expect from Dynamic Pest Control Services:

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Dynamic Pest Control's Stages for Pest Management


Schedule Your Inspection

Whether you think you might have termites or you need a termite inspection for your new home, Dynamic Pest control is the team to call. We can get you scheduled within 48 hours!


Complete Full Inspection

When our technician arrives at your home for the termite inspection, they will be able to determine whether there is evidence of termites, the size of the problem, and decide the proper measures to treat the problem.


Schedule Termite Treatment Procedure

Once we know the seriousness of the termite infestation, we will get you scheduled with the appropriate treatment procedure. Acting quickly and getting the issue resolved in a timely manner is of most importance to our team. We understand how serious of an issue termites can be which is why we get your treatment scheduled as soon as possible.


Perform and Complete Treatment

The final step is completing the termite treatment. We make sure that there are no further signs of infestation to ensure the treatment took completely.

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Dynamic Pest Control is your solution for termite inspections and procedures. Call today to learn more about our termite services in Greater Phoenix.

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