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Over 40 years ago in a Phoenix home, Dynamic Pest Control was born. Since then, DPC has been dedicated to giving its customers the best care possible. Irvin Smith left a big-name company to follow his dreams of owning his owning business. His dream became a reality and is now being carried out by his son, Cody Smith.

Here, we’ll specifically look at you’re needs, not how much money we can squeeze out of you. We strive to build personal relationships with every customer. Technicians go out into the field with the mindset to not only vanish pests, but to truly get to know the customers. To Dynamic, you’re not a number, you’re a neighbor.

Our Cornerstones

Integrity | Honesty | Hard Work | Customer Service

As a small business, we understand customer service and look forward to making lasting relationships with our customers. DPC has access to the safest, most effective products around. You can rest assured that they will be applied by trained (and certified) technicians.

Who We Are & Who We Are Not

We are not a Big Name Company with tons of overhead resulting in HIGH RATES and additional fees with a careless attitude towards your needs or problems.We are also not a small one-man show who slashes prices to compete, which results in using an inferior product or chemical and giving a mediocre service.

What we are is a solid medium sized company who takes great pride in the ability to give the consumer the best service possible at the most reasonable rate. We listen & take the time necessary to care for your needs resulting in the best service a consumer could have.

Licensed & Insured

We are licensed through the AZ State Department of Agriculture. Our license number is #2255.  In addition, we are insured as required by law.

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