Phoenix Termites Are Commonly Desert Subterranean

One of the most common types of termites in phoenix is the variety called desert subterranean termites. They live in dead cacti and other desert plants but when they transfer their attention to structural timber in buildings and other timber structures like utility poles they can cause severe damage. These termites are about three eighths of an inch long and of a pale yellowish brown color. Their small size allows them to forage even in conditions that are dry – they do not look for moisture and decay like other termites will do. So even dry wood is a target. They construct mud shelters tubes around the objects which makes for the first visible sign of such termite infestation. These desert termites in Phoenix require just a small gap of about 1/32 of an inch to gain access into any wall or roofing and this makes them more dangerous than any other form of termites.

At the first signs of termite infestation it is best to call for a professional termite inspection. During such inspections, it is necessary for the technician to go through all accessible areas including crawl spaces. It also includes garden areas, fences and other trees and timber structures in the area. Most home owner’s insurance does not cover termite damage and it can attract high premiums if such coverage is sought. Termites do need to return to their central colony to obtain moisture that they need for survival. It is therefore necessary to install barriers around an infected house that prevents termites from returning to their colony and thus dying. This sort of barrier needs to be a complete and continuous barrier so that the termites can find no way of getting out of the house or into it. This sort of barrier is made by treating the soil all around a building. The same treatment is also injected into the walls by drilling holes on concrete floors.

Care should be taken while treating buildings for termite protection to see that the pesticides used do not cause health problems to people living in the house.

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