Preventing Bugs From Joining Your Holiday Celebrations

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With kids flying around the house with their new toys and the in-laws staying in for a few days, preventing bugs may be the last thing on your mind over the holidays. However, there are a few simple things you can do to make sure only humans are joining in on the celebrations.

Keep your doors closed or use screens

Our Phoenix weather has been spectacular lately (some might say a bit too hot, but it should get cooler soon!), but make sure you enjoy the lower temperatures while keeping the flying bugs out. Use a screen door at all times and make sure doors and windows are closed at other times.

Check up on your house before visitors arrive

Unfortunately, houses get old and some cracks can come along with the added age. Be sure to look around the foundation of your home for cracks and holes. Most holes can be covered with caulking.

Wrap up leftovers

Although Thanksgiving is the biggest giver of “Turkey comas”, other holiday meals can paralyze you and tempt you not to clean and wrap up right away. Don’t fall for it! Make sure food is stored properly and, especially if you’re baking sweets, clean counters to make sure leftover sugar and crumbs aren’t left for ants.

Happy Holidays from DPC!

published on Wednesday, July 20th, 2022
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