Prevent Pests Before They Invite Themselves In

Spring brings warmer weather and with that warmer weather, more pests. YourPhoenix pest control experts offer the following help for homeowners that want to reduce the number of pests invading the home.

– Caulk the corners and edges of the windows. These small openings offer access points for small insects, including ants and small flies.

– Pour a large pot of boiling water down the drains in the home. The organic buildup in drains provides food for cockroaches and flies. If their food is gone, they are less likely to invade the home.

– Clean the kitchen using a good degreaser. Grease provides food for many small insects. Some small flies even breed in a grease pan. Do not forget to clean the drip pans under the stovetop.

– Seal any gaps in windows or doorways as well as holes in the floor or walls.

– Remove leaves and other foliage that may have collected alongside the home, on the roof or in the gutters.

– Take care of any infestations found in the trees, yard or inside the home.

Spring is breeding time for rodents. Homeowners will want to take steps to prevent invasions of these hungry babies that grow up into ugly rodents.

– Seal all holes, cracks and gaps found outside the home. Rodents can fit through holes that are smaller than a dime.
– Tree limbs that lean on the roof can provide ladders for rodents.
– Keep pet food in sealed containers. The food can attract pests.

In addition to these steps, contact your Phoenix pest control company for an inspection of the home. This can prevent potential infestations and may eliminate any current outbreaks.

For further assistance in preventing pest infestations in the home, Dynamic Pest Control offers help for homeowners.

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