Myth-Busting Facts About Termites Phoenix

Termites can be a problem that can cause irreversible damage if left untreated. There have been various reports of infestation in the valley throughout the year, some cases causing nearly irreparable damage to the houses affected. In some areas, it is almost considered that termites are going to be a given, and so there is a 5-year insurance that is provided to those who are purchasing a home within the area. However, if you are renting, or are purchasing a home outside of the locations which provide this type of insurance, you will have to deal with termites on your own. Termites Phoenix can be more easily handled if you are willing to work together with a preventative option, such as Dynamic Pest Control.

Some people claim that termites are less likely if your house was built in the 70s, because the treatments were stronger. However, this is a common misconception as there have also been reports that have noted that some of the older homes and neighborhoods in the area have been affected with termite damage. Some houses had extensive drywall damage where termites had eaten away at the wall for years. One house had a large amount of damage which could particularly be seen in the baseboards along the walls. Some of the boards were half-devoured by the insects, while decorative paneling boards were found hanging from all of the destruction.

In some of the worst affected houses, the destruction was most visible within attics where the main wooden beams were rotted from termites gnawing on them throughout the year. This can pose a great risk to homeowners as termites eat on the foundation and main beams that support the house. The best way to avoid the risk of damages that will be too costly and difficult to repair is to contact Dynamic Pest Control for a thorough inspection. If termites are indeed present in your home, we will be able to end the infestation or help you to prevent a future problem.

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