Keeping your biggest investment safe

Bugs, spiders, and rodents are pests that can cause the home to be an unsanitary place in which to live. While each of these animals may have a spot in nature, they are generally unwelcome in the home. DPC, delivering Phoenix and Mesa pest control services, offers services that can keep your home free of these unwanted pests.

Consider cockroaches. These insects have been found in the tombs of the Pharaohs. Although you may not have the wealth of King Tut, it is possible, with the services offered by Dynamic Pest control Mesa to have a home that is free of termites. With these insects gone, your home will be free of the excrement they leave behind.

Mice can cause damage in several ways. With their sharp teeth they can chew through food packages, walls and electrical wiring. The damage they do can result in wasted food, damage to home structures and could even be responsible for starting a fire. In addition, they carry disease and fleas into the home. Some theorize the Bubonic plague was carried throughout Europe by the fleas riding on mice and rats that infested homes.

While much less visible in the home than cockroaches or rodents, termites can cause far more damage to the supporting structure of the house. Termites live in underground colonies, while foraging insects bring cellulose digested from the wood in your home back into the colony. Often the damage they do is not noticed until the wood collapses due to internal damage. Millions of damage are done to homes across the United States each year.

Your home is your biggest investment. However, an infestation by insects, rodents or other pests can damage its value. A call to Dynamic Pest Control can protect the home from the damage and inconvenience these vermin cause and your family from the disease they carry.

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