Bed Bug Nation

“One in five Americans has had bed bugs or knows someone who has, and 80 per cent are afraid of encountering them in hotels, according to a survey by the National Pest Management Association.”

There are many articles in the news this summer about bed bugs infesting homes and public locations across the entire nation. Here are some important tips:

  • If you are traveling this summer, be sure to check the “Bed Bug Registry” found at bedbugregistry.com. It shows different hotels and locations where bed bugs have been found. Major cities seem to be the hot spots for these critters, so make sure your hotel isn’t on the list!
  • Another precaution would be to check between the mattress and box spring of your hotel bed. Bed bugs love to hide there, and if you find them, you know to switch hotels or at least change rooms.
  • Clothing stores sometimes get bed bug infestations as well. If you buy new clothes, be sure to wash them right away and dry them in a hot dryer to ensure you are bring bed bugs into your home. Also do this right away if you are coming home from a hotel or somewhere you think may have bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs are resistant to most pesticides so exterminators use heat or freezing treatments to get rid of them.

Some progress is being made in the extermination process of bed bugs now though. The insecticide Propoxur is known to be highly toxic to bed bugs, but it is currently banned because it is thought to be too harsh a chemical for use indoors. Ohio Representative, Dale Mallory, is currently fighting for the ban to be lifted off this chemical. Cincinnati is the “bed bug capital,” and many residents feel something need to be done to prevent further infestation.

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