Springtime Blues: Pests Are Waking Up Soon!

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Spring generally means two things for most people. These things are warmer weather and just a few months until summer. What it means to us is that the bugs are back. That’s right! When the winter weather has subsided, the bugs will come out in droves just waiting to gain entry into homes or businesses. Our pest control Phoenix metropolitan area services quickly and humanely get rid of pesky intruders that wreak havoc during the spring season.

There could be many elements that attract pests into your residence. Knowing what the triggers are can help you prevent the start of an infestation. Our pest experts provide services that fit into every budget. The springtime is when ants, bed bugs, bees, and scorpions begin searching for food and shelter. Preventing problems before they get out of hand is easy with a regular schedule of our services.

No one wants to think of sharing the privacy and sanctity of a home with ants or bees. These insects multiply rapidly and get into walls, ceilings, and cabinets. Buying retail products that claim to remove or prevent these insect infestations does not always provide the best solution. Our pest removal specialists use only EPA-regulated products to stop infestations and to create a protective barrier around the entire property of your home.

Larger pests like mice, rats, and birds also become revitalized in the springtime. Unlike bees or ants, larger pests are very destructive apart from being a nuisance. The waste products expelled by these pests carry bacteria and can cause health problems if not removed correctly. Our specialists are well known in Arizona for providing superior service for prompt removal and prevention of larger species. You deserve to enjoy the lead-up to the summer months in your home without unwanted intruders causing you household disruptions.

published on Thursday, July 21st, 2022
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