Service Benefits

Feature: Every Other Month Service Program
Benefit: Most effective and consumer-friendly way to control pests year-round. Some companies offer a monthly service but this can be
too often and is difficult to schedule. Others offer a quarterly service, but often this is not nearly enough to control pests.

Feature: Free respray
Benefit: Pest problems that arise in between regular monthly services are fixed at no additional charge to the customer.

Feature: Telephone-dispatched technicians
Benefit: Technicians are able to respond to trouble calls right away, and are usually able to solve any problem within 24 hours.

Feature: The Pest-A-Way Barrier
Benefit: Smarter service that gets pests where they live and breed. This barrier is renewed every other month to ensure coverage that
will break down the egg cycle.

Feature: Sweeping down cobwebs on every service
Benefit: Keeps spiders from establishing populations that will spread inside and also keeps the home looking clean.

Feature: Family-owned company
Benefit: Receive the royal treatment. Since Dynamic Pest Control is family-owned and operated, we have a greater vested interest in customer satisfaction than do the larger international chains.





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