Pest A Way FAQs

Q.  Are you and your technicians licensed for pest control?

A.  All of our technicians are certified in the work they provide and are annually required to take continuing education to stay current in the industry.  As a business, we carry the necessary licensing and certifications required by the Office of Pest Management.


Q.  Will the product you use hurt my children, family members or pets?

A.   All the products we use are EPA regulated and mixed to the size of what they are controlling.  Therefore, the mixture of the product is in the highest dosage to take out a cockroach (your biggest insect), but not high enough to cause harm to your children, family members or pets.


Q. What will the technician treat on the outside of my home?

A.   The technician will perform a Pest-Away-Barrier around the outside foundation, spraying additionally around the bottom of doors and windows.  We spot treat the front yard and backyard looking for areas where insects may be nesting. We also check under eaves and sweep down any unsightly cobwebs.


Q.  What will the technician treat inside my house?

A.   Inside treatment is performed only at the initial service.  We will treat your interior baseboards throughout your home with a non-staining, odorless product.


Q.  How often do you come out to treat my home?

A.   Our best, most affordable plan is our every other month service.  After the initial treatment, we return 30 days later to begin an every other month, exterior-only treatment.


Q.  What does your service cost?

A.   Depends on the service you request and the size of your home.


Q.  Is there a trip or travel charge?

A.  All of our services are all-inclusive to the prescribed treatment.


Q.  Do I sign a contract for this service or is it month-to-month?

A.   For scheduling purposes, we set up a year-round service agreement. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service you have the right to terminate our agreement by mail or phone.


Q.  Can I cancel at any time?

A.   We want you to be happy with our service so we will do what we can to take care and control your insect invaders. If at any time, for any reason you need to terminate your service, we ask that you kindly call us or send us a written letter expressing your desires.


Q.  How do you confirm appointments?

A.  We will contact you a day or two before the service to let you know we will be coming.  For your convenience, we can treat the exterior of your home even if you can’t be there.


Q.  What if I still see bugs after you spray?

A.  All of our General Pest Control services are guaranteed 100% satisfaction.  If at any time in between our services you see insects, we will gladly come out and re-treat the problem area at no additional charge.

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