Our Pest Control Services »

We provide a wide array of services to help you with any of your pest control needs. If you have an unwelcome pest we’ll take care of it!

  • General Pest Control & Pest-A-Way Services
    Monthly, Every Other Month, Quarterly, covering all crawling insects
  • Bee Control
    Bee and hive removal
  • Rat / Mouse Control
    Bait stations and trapping
  • Pigeon Control
    Sealing nesting areas & bird wiring
  • Ant Control
    Both bait and spray systems

Our general pest control services, which control the bug population year round, are offered monthly, bimonthly and quarterly. This includes the Pest-A-Way barrier which seals your house from insect intruders, spot treatment in the front and back yards to stop where nesting and harboring exists and sweeping eves to remove cob webs.

We also offer beehive removal. We determine the species of bee, discover if nesting is taking place, then inject a chemical deterrent into the hive. Once the deterrent is injected the bees will leave and will prevent future bees from nesting.

If you have rats or mice in your house give us a call and we’ll help you out. We do this by baiting, monitoring and positioning rodent traps.

To tackle pigeon control we will install non-electrical bird wiring, electric shock systems or spiking or screening nest areas.

For keeping your home safe we have termite inspections and treatments, which include exterior perimeter and interior spot treatments.

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