Spring! Pesky Critters Galore

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Spring brings promises of great flowers and sunshine after a long, harsh winter. But it also brings out the worst in insects that simply won’t go away no matter how hard one tries. The invasion of these new pests often has people scrambling for the best pest control Phoenix that money can buy. The spring may be beautiful but its pests aren’t.

Bees and other things that sting often come out in the spring. While bee stings are relatively harmless, someone who has an allergic reaction to them may have to go to the hospital or take some sort of precautionary measure to avoid getting deathly ill, such as the epi-pen. If you have a bee’s nest or a hornet’s nest on your property, you should take care of it as quickly as possible. Having an entire nest on your property is certainly a situation where you would want to call a Phoenix pest control company.

Termites are another type of pests that also come out in the summery months. Termites love wood, which isn’t bad until they eat through your house. If you’ve discovered that you have any sort of termites it is best to take action and get rid of them as soon as possible. It will cost you far less to call some sort of termite control than it will pay for your house to be fixed once the termites have had lunch.

Yet another pesky little insect that comes out in springtime is the mosquito. These pesky little insects don’t seem like they can cause much harm, but their bites can sting, and recently they have started to carry viruses and diseases that can hurt even the toughest person.

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published on Thursday, July 21st, 2022
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