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What We Do

We provide a wide array of services to help you with any of your pest control needs. If you have an unwelcome pest we’ll take care of it!

Who We Are

Over 40 years ago in a Phoenix home, Dynamic Pest Control was born. Since then, DPC has been dedicated to giving its customers the best care possible. Irvin Smith left a big-name company to follow his dreams of owning his own business. His dream became a reality and is now being carried out by his son, Cody Smith.

As the leading pest control company in Phoenix, we strive to provide honest, affordable pest control services to all of our customers. We provide you with exactly what you need and never try to upsell you. We take pride in the pest control services we provide and have worked for the last 4 decades to create a 5-star experience for each and every customer. You can trust that our technicians are diligent in their work and always follow all health and safety protocols.


Why Choose Us as Your Pest Control Company in Phoenix

While we may not be a “big-name” company, our services and our team members are unmatched in the region. We take pride in the work we provide, keeping costs low so that our prices are affordable! We treat our clients’ homes like we would treat our own; your pest control problems are our pest control problems. One of the major issues with working with larger known pest control companies sin Phoenix is that you are often just another number to them — where we strive to be the complete opposite. We create lasting, working relationships with all of our customers, being the reliable pest control team you can count on month after month, year after year.

We are also not a small one-man show who slashes prices to compete, which results in using an inferior product or chemical and giving a mediocre service. We are a solid medium-sized pest control company that takes great pride in giving the consumer the best service possible at the most reasonable rate. We listen and take the time necessary to care for your needs resulting in the best pest control service in Greater Phoenix.

Who We Serve

Cities that Dynamic Pest Control Serves

Phoenix, AZ


Tempe, AZ


Mesa, AZ


Chandler, AZ


Gilbert, AZ


Scottsdale, AZ


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See why people are rating us the #1 pest control company serving Greater Phoenix. Our reviews speak for themselves!

“Neil is our favorite Killer! 🙂 We are impressed that he knows exactly how to do his magic! We are in the middle of a backyard project & are unearthing rocks & debris embedded under our oleanders. Neil kept us safe as there were no scary or harmful creepy critters to deal with! Our house is bug-less as well! We highly recommend him!!”

Bruce R.

“We have used Dynamic Pest Control for 3 years and they are the best! They use a pet safe treatment, their prices are reasonable, and Neil is never late and always friendly. Neil is our favorite! We are getting ready to move, and I am already planning to call them for the next house – it’s a great feeling knowing you have a company you trust to keep you safe from pests and bugs!”

Lawton J.

“I’ve been using Dynamic Pest Control for a few years and am pleased with the results. They are on time, professional, and get the job done. I live in an area with numerous scorpions and rats.”

Candice C.
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